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Superman has his super strength. Thor  has his huge powerful hammer. Musicians has his Riff Master Pro. This is the musicians ultimate secret weapon. This what makes them the best.

How to instantly slow down your favorite music without changing the pitch then play it faster and easier with Riffmasterpro slowdown music app.

Imagine this…

You have Jimi Hendrix, Slash, Eric Clapton or Joe Satriani, Steve Vai, John Petrucci, Mark Knopfler, Eric Johnson,David Gilmour, Jimmy Page or Kirk Hammett (or any other famous guitarist you care to mention) in front of you…well you can with Riffmasterpro slowdown music app.

You can have them play any of their Solo’s and Riffs for You, Slowly,Note-for-note so you can play along with them. Who would you begin with… Which song would you choose first…Fade to black… A Whole Lotta love… Sweet Child of Mine…Purple Haze… so many to choose from. Slow down music and slow down mp3′s.

Instantly Play Any Riff, solo or song of Any Player RiffmasterPro 4 slowdown music app is released – Better, Stronger, Faster

Yes you can even resurrect the dead and bring ‘em back from the crossroads with this amazing device. You can jam with people from the dead and make them feel alive through their songs. Yes, right now on your computer. Which means you can Put RiffmasterPro free download of the slowdown music app for Windows, Mac, iPhone & iPad to work and be a better Guitarist today!

If you download this App you will have these:

  • Master ANY Guitar solo faster than ever before
  • Master Any Guitar Riff faster ever before
  • Master the Chords To Any Song faster than ever before
  • Build and maintain Amazing speed of Any solo or riff
  • Master difficult phrasing like never before
  • Master any guitar solo, lick or riff Note for Note.
  • Learn the lyrics to Any song quickly
  • Discover the Magic of “Playing By Ear”
  • Learn any song Fast
  • Transcribe music of any song FAST
  • The Perfect Speed & Ear Training tool for all musicians beginners to advanced

As a musician or a aspiring musician you can’t just pull out amazing runs or solos at will, unless you spent time learning them. Now here’s how you can do it faster, quicker and more efficiently.

Slow down those blistering solos so you can pick out each note and nail it. You can gradually build up speed till you are just as fast as your favorite player.

Riffmaster Pro Ver 4 will Take any Guitar Solo or Riff or any song:

  • Slow down music to a pace you can play Without changing the pitch
  • slow down Mp3, slow down Wav,wma,
  • Mp4 , Ogg Vorbis and AFF files directly from your computer
  • loop feature allows you to play any Riff or phrase over and over
  • Zoom right into the wave allows You to find the phrase you want to work on(down to the note)
  • EQ feature allows you to save your own user settings
  • Will slow down an entire song so you can play along at your pace.
  • change the key of a music file for convenience
  • without changing the tempo (no need to re-tune your Guitar)
  • Rip audio directly off a cd & save as mp3 or wav.
  • Save a slowed down loop for training purposes
  • Transcribe music of any song (tab or transcribe what you hear)

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