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I’ve been told that I was uncomfortable to myself. I can’t even dress well, talk to people and dance in public. I am a self practiced dancer when I was little. I used to dance so well and even joined dance contests. When I was about to graduate, my teacher in Dance told me that we should perform a specific dance for us to graduate, sadly I failed since that dance really didn’t give me something to brag about. Sigh!

But today, I am a totally different person! Yes, you read it right! Want to know how I did it? What happened to make me who I am today? How I transformed into an incredibly successful, physically fit, confident and attractive (so I’m told), highly-sought after entrepreneur who has time for family and friends and fun and excitement?

So what was that one thing?


Ever since I failed that dance class, I came to realize that I am not that good as a dancer. But when SALSA came, it opened my eyes and mind that these genres weren’t bad at all.

Salsa Changes Lives!

Salsa not only gives you a good time on a Friday or Saturday night, but its ability to increase your self-confidence, improves your social life, advance your career, AND strengthen your relationships makes it a pretty potent and powerful force. Sounds a bit unbelievable? If I hadn’t experienced it myself, I might be skeptical too. But you don’t have to take my word for it.

And What Makes Me Qualified To Teach You Salsa?

So — who am I to be giving YOU advice about changing your life through Salsa dancing? And, more important,how can you trust what I’m telling you?

These are important questions.

First off, you should know that when I first got started with Salsa back in 1994, I was the least likely person to be dancing to Salsa music or any Latin dances.

The only expendable cash I had was coins…

The thought of asking complete strangers to dance absolutely, positively terrified me.

Fast forward to today…

  • For the past six years I’ve been teaching approximately 100-300 people per month how to dance Salsa.That’s thousands of students, and it doesn’t even include my video clients.
  • I run one of the largest dance studios in the entire world.
  • I have more than 400 active students receiving instruction from my staff and me at any given time.
  • I operate six different teaching venues in San Francisco, and organize many private parties and Salsa celebrations every year, including week-long Salsa Cruises to hotspots in the Caribbean, the Mexican Riviera, and other exciting ports.
  • I run one of the largest, most comprehensive Salsa websites in the world.
  • I’ve managed dozens of the largest nightclubs in San Francisco for years.
  • My classes are in such high demand now that I charge $130 per hour for private instruction and $1,500 for a small group of 5 to 15 people… and that’s only after a lengthy period on my waiting list!
  • I’m nationally recognized as a Salsa expert.

I’m not telling you all of this to impress you. I’m telling you this to prove how deadly serious I am about what I do and my commitment to my students.

I’ve proven again and again that ANYONE can dance, and dance well, using my system. It doesn’t matter whether you’re an experienced dancer, or whether you’re completely new to the concept of rhythm… people just like you have PROVEN my system works, and you can too, provided you’re willing to follow my step-by-step instructions.

I believe that the Salsa Dancing 101 free download is perfect for most aspiring dancers out there!

Let’s Enjoy Salsa!