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Ever imagined if a girl you talk with falls for you? What if you have the power to create Love at First Sight with every woman you meet?

Have you ever wanted to approach a beautiful woman, but you were afraid that you wouldn’t know what to do or say to her?
She’s right there looking gorgeous and sexy, and all you have to do is walk up and say SOMETHING to her… but you just can’t because you are paralyzed with fear, and lacking self esteem?

Well My Friend, I Have Some Great News

What if I were to tell you that you could instantly and effortlessly generate visual attraction in every woman that you meet?

What if you could be doing this the very next time you walk out your door?

Here’s What This Amazing Program Will Teach You..

  • The 5 Common Myths About Style that most guys believe in, but aren’t true – pg. 4
  • The core elements of style, from fit, matching colors, and choosing materials to what accessories to get and what different brands mean – pg. 13.
  • Learn how style can improve your first impressions, boost your confidence, better your self-image, and improve your success with women – pg. 17
  • Learn the secret of Style Attraction Switches, and how to trigger them to create massive attraction with women – pg. 32 (this has been a closely guarded secret UNTIL NOW).
  • The Map of Style, 2011 Edition – pg. 37
  • 8 crucial fashion mistakes to avoid, that you are probably already making – pg. 49
  • How to always smell fresh and impress women with your scent – pg. 55
  • How to get a professional looking haircut for less than $25 dollars – pg. 58
  • How to pick the right size and fit for clothing items, from jeans and dress shirts to belts, shoes, and suits – pg. 62
  • A top secret technique that is easy to master, yet so powerful it will help you model Sexual Avatars to instantly attract the kind of women you’re looking for.
  • The real reason why most guys FAIL when talking to women and an illustrated guide to picking out the right clothing, and how to avoid common fashion faux pas– pg. 71 (WARNING: Almost All Guys Make This Mistake!)
  • Everything you wanted to know about colors, from how to match clothes to your skin tone, picking complementary colors, and the emotional meaning behind different hues – pg. 81
  • How to use layering to add an extra dimension to your look – pg. 88 (this works every time).
  • A secret ultimate guide to accessories, from arm bands and watches to sunglasses and jewelry – pg. 100.
  • Easily master where to shop, and how to buy great clothing pieces on a budget – pg. 118
  • Where to shop, and how to buy great clothing pieces on a budget – pg. 118
  • Learn about piercings and tattoos, and how to incorporate them into your style – pg. 128
  • Learn how to master scents, and how to use pheromones to generate automatic attraction from women – pg. 134
  • Learn how to use masculine body language to improve your presentation and amplify attraction – pg. 142
  • How to develop long-term style and good looks – pg. 151
  • and much, MUCH more.

This is the same material that I’ve been teaching guys during my private image consulting sessions in San Francisco.

Except more organized, more illustrative, and more prepared than anything I have ever done before. This System encompasses my masterpiece work: basically EVERYTHING I’ve learned and perfected, using style and the psychology of attraction, to create the magic of LOVE at first sight with women.

I mean, this is STEP by STEP stuff that is completely broken down and ready to be applied. And it works EVERY time, with EVERY client I have ever had. That’s why the Seducing with Style PDF free download works every time.

And it will work for you. Regardless of your current life situation, looks, or experience with women.

So What Are You Going To Do Now?

Are you going to be like most guys and just keep doing what you are doing, secretly hoping that one day your results will magically change? Or are you going to join the small group of guys who have finally mastered this part of their life?

Within minutes of downloading this program, you will have access to all of my secrets, tips and strategies that I have used to successfully generate Style Attraction with some of the most gorgeous women imaginable. This system is proven to work based on feedback from my past clients, who ranged from total novices to intermediate level guys.

I’ve put in a ton of time, and spent a lot of money on every system, book and method imaginable so you don’t have to.

Here’s to your success, and I’ll see you on the other side.

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