Simple Golf Swing Bunker/Sand Shots DVD free download


Get ready to play in the sand like a big-money professional!

There are many things to learn in the Perfect Golf Swing Bunker/Sand Shots DVD free download!

You’re probably already aware that the bunker shot is definitely different compared with every other shot you’ll be doing in golf. This is because most of the time you actually hit the sand, as opposed to the ball and embarrass yourself in the process.

Within the DVD that Source Downloads have kindly linked to at the bottom, it’ll show you exactly where you should be hitting the ball with your club, ensuring first that you’re in the right position every single time. Soon enough you’ll definitely be starting the tournament rounds.

Picking the right club is absolutely critical to begin with. There are many to choose, so you want to make sure it’s a perfect match for the type of sand that you are playing on. Remember of course that the types of sand do vary between golf courses, so the club you might use on the east coast will be different than one you might use on the west coast. There are of course clubs that you should always avoid, and in the Perfect Golf Swing Bunker/Sand Shots DVD free download, we’ll teach you all of this.

There is a certain art to reading the sand as well. There is a particular technique that will not result in a penalty, which assists you to discover what kind of sand you’re playing on without your club or hand touching the ground. Within the DVd you also learn why you shouldn’t bury your feet in the sand, as it’ll leave you in a big disadvantage.

Did you know that there are 2 typical mistakes that just about every golfer makes? Well we show you how to avoid them so you don’t ruin the rest of your day.

And did you know that if you master the sand shot, that you are given a strategic advantage? Surely of course you won’t desire to hit every one of your shots into the bunker, but you will discover how this can work to your advantage. It’s actually a well kept strategy that the professionals use, which is cleverly disguised as a failed shot. Soon enough you’ll also be doing this too!