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Welcome to Singorama 2.0, the incredible software that teaches you how to sing.

Let me ask you a question: why did you stumble across the Source Downloads website for this software? Is it that you want to increase your vocal range by another octave? Or that you would like to smash each note with professional laser-like focus? Or train your two ears to master your aural pitch skills?

Are you wanting to sing for personal pleasure? Do you want to be the singer in a band? Or in a church? A choir? Sing along with a musical instrument? Would you like to just be sexier? Perhaps you desire to be a superstar!

And so whatever your reasons might be, we’ve designed our leading-edge Singorama: How to Sing Like a Professional Learning Kit with YOU the singer in mind, so that you’ll get immensely satisfying results QUICKLY! Remember that this is a free download of Singorama.

You’ll discover that Singorama is the simpliest to follow system for understanding how to sing to a professional standard. It is absolutely packed with top quality information, including an essential set of 26 interactive audio lessons, plus 2 books (full-color illustrated step-by-step lessons, fully supported by audio files) AND our famous and fun learning software, named Perfect Your Pitch Pro and Singorama’s Mini Recording Studio.

Soon enough, you will be singing with the range and control of a professional – and you’ll discover how this is simply cutting-edge material!

In addition, we’ve also recorded plenty of original songs and audio exercises for you to sing along with, and included is a wide variety of settings including solo singing, singing warm ups, singing in harmony, singing for auditions and plenty more. Come and learn with us and witness your vocal range and overall singing performance launch massively!

And most importantly, included exclusively in the free download of Singorama package is the Singorama Mini Recording Studio software, which is part of the Singorama package. Included with this is a range of tools, including a virtual piano for you to practice the best scales and songs with – this is definitely guaranteed to keep you on key!

Not only that, grabbing the download of Singorama’s Perfect Your Pitch Pro software, you’ll very soon be hitting the right note every single time – this is really super high-tech stuff!

There are literally thousands of people worldwide – just like you – currently using or have used our unique multimedia course to fast-track their singing learning, while having a massive amount of fun in the process. So I ask you the question, will you be next?

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