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It’s true that you can find common self defence and sports based BJJ schools, there are a select few people who have been taught what is referred to as a military grade version of the system. This information is rarely known outside of the couple of underground academies who have decided to specialise in this form of military BJJ. The Military Grade Jiu Jitsu free download is certainly the most hollistic and effective system for self defence known to man.

This very dangerous and lethal version of Brazillian jui-jitsu is combined with Combat Sambo (which was previously quite guarded by the Russians) which is now used by numerous trainers in real life self defence. Particularly, it is used by Robert LeRuyet, who has 30+ years of MMA experience and trains soldiers of the Afghan war, as well as the Navy Seals (Canadian).

Remember that not all Brazillian Jiu Jitsu forms are created equal at all. There is BJJ for the cage, for the street and for the mats, and each one contains different things. That’s why you need a real fighter who has experience with all these forms, who can take you as his apprentice and teach you all that you need to know about kicking some serious ass!

There are numerous benefits to Robert LeRuyet’s Street Combat System free download, which will all do you really good in a real fight.

  • You’ll be fighting against opponents who are bigger than you
  • You’ll know how to defend yourself whilst you have an injury or impairment
  • You’ll learn how to fight against armed opponents (knives, swords, knuckle busters etc)
  • You’ll master how to fight against multiple opponents
  • You’ll psychologically understand how your attacker is thinking, and whether they really intend to think or injure you
  • How to fight in tiny spaces or uneven ground
  • You’ll be learning how to defend yourself against ambushes

If your current training program doesn’t include everything on this list, it probably won’t help you much in a real fight and likely get you hurt. You see Robert is always testing and refining his skills through his application to real-time fighting, right there in the street where rules are non-existent and the loser of the match may not even wake up afterwards.

He’s also extremely honest with the ability to prove his skills, against any opponent and style of Brazillian Jiu-Jitsu. This is why he is recognised as the best military grade jiu jitsu teacher that this planet has ever come across. The soldiers and cops love him, since they don’t have time to waste. Within his Street Combat Training free download, his system has been designed to be very interactive with the latest training technology, allowing him to literally ‘download’ advanced skills into your muscle memory without you leaving home. He really can take ordinary people into victorious fighting machines with just a short amount of time.

Your life and your world will literally change overnight once you grab your link through Source Downloads. You’ll have the most devastating and at the same time, realistic fighting skills that can be found anywhere in the world.

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