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It is very important, as an actor and model or anyone in the entertainment world, to work on your craft.  When you are submitted for a project, commercial and do not get an audition, why?  When you get to an audition that you always dreamed about, but never receive a callback, why?  Ask yourself, why am I not booking projects?  Probably because you need to work on your training. You need to improve your skills to get that callback or booking.

Let me share to you things that Successful Actors do:

  1. Go to Plays- That’s right, believe it or not, many people who claim to want to be successful actors never go to the theatre, if you don’t know what’s going on out there, how can you muscle in on some of the action?
  2. Stop Talking and DO- Figure out the steps, break them down into smaller steps, and start taking action to achieve those steps today.
  3. Network- People Buy from People, People Hire People, People Cast People they believe can do the part.
  4. Train- Practice monologues, go to scene study classes, do acting masterclasses and workshops, otherwise when you finally do get some work, you’ll be rusty, it’ll take you weeks to get back into it, and by then, it’ll be almost over again.
  5. Talk to Agents- Just write them a letter until they agree to see you.
  6. Get an Acting Coach- successful actors have great acting coaches, they have someone to go to, with whom they can practice their audition pieces, someone who will challenge them, stand up to them even, push them and advise them.
  7. Don’t QUIT – The only way to succeed is to refuse to quit.

As you can see, even actors train knowing that they can act well and are paid bucks because of it. But don’t you know that even successful actors still talks to agents? They wanted to get booked and be called for castings. This Guide will help you to get more callbacks or bookings for you to be in the world that we call Entertainment.

Stuart’s workshops are designed to teach you a comprehensive approach for what techniques you need to use to get more callbacks and bookings. I will give you the inside information of what you need to focus on to become a successful actor from a casting director’s point of view.

Stuart Stone’s Commercial Acting Free Workshops will teach you the inside secrets of what the advertising agencies and directors are looking for from the actor in today’s television commercial market.

His commercial acting workshops are invaluable to an actor who is trying to break into commercials or who is looking to bring their career to the next level.

Stuart has created many opportunities for actors to forward their career which you will find in the workshop section on this web site. His integrity and commitment to providing the best training to help actors either new to the business or veterans has made him well known in the industry. Stuart’s goal is to help you develop yourself in the best way possible so that you are prepared to have a career as a successful working commercial actor.

We offer several programs for your needs:

  1. Kids workshops- The kids who have taken this workshop are doing amazingly well. Parents and kids continually report that their child’s callback ratio has gone way up and bookings are more frequent. Stuarts workshop produces working kids, yours can be as well.
  2. Adult workshops- Recommended by Agents, Managers, Theatrical coaches, Industry professional and past students as the best place to become a successful working commercial actor.
  3. Career Coaching- With over 20 years in the industry and his extensive knowledge and insight Stuart will help to get you where you want to be and support you in attaining your professional goals.

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