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Public speaking skills once took years to acquire. Now you can master them in just a day. Yes you heard it right! Whether you’re a speaker or an actor, Ear prompter teaches you how to deliver your material, word-for-word, every time, without notes or memorizing, and with very little preparation time.

The “art of public speaking” is a nicely turned phrase, and it happens to be true. But unlike most art, it may not take you a lifetime of dedication to do it well. Of course, if you want to overcome the fear of giving speeches and develop great presentation skills, it will take more than just a couple of tips (or teleprompter software in case you’re an actor) to get the job done.

Fortunately for you, especially if you fear public speaking or have some anxiety about speaking in public, there’s another way to go, a new kind of training that you can master quickly. A device so powerful that you can overcome this fear and feel confident while talking to a large group.

Although great speaking skills used to take years to master (and years of paying a presentation coach), with the Ear prompter, you can deliver polished presentations in less than two days! Overcoming that fear is finally within everybody’s reach, and fearless public speaking will quickly become easy public speaking.

The Ear prompter combines advanced miniaturized electronics with the latest communication techniques to make you the consummate professional speaker. For Actors, it is a faster, easier, more natural teleprompter alternative.

The Ear Prompter: With the use of an inconspicuous ear bud which is connected to a small digital recording device holding your lines as you have previously recorded them, your memory is prompted. Therefore, an Ear Prompter is like a Teleprompter, but you are using your hearing instead of your vision. This improves the fluency of your vocal delivery and also frees you from staring into a Teleprompter being controlled by someone else.

Using the Ear Prompter results in better eye contact and facial expressions, so a speaker can engage the audience more naturally and more powerfully. Imagine what it can do for your next audition. No more looking down at long copy and loosing your place. Now you’ll be able to perform direct to camera and your audience, making an excellent and long-lasting impression.

You don’t have to memorize every script that you is given to you.

Things that you can do with your Prompter:

  • Reduce prep time for auditions!
  • Become more marketable!
  • Get better paying jobs!
  • Present with confidence every time!

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