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Becoming mentally prepared is half the challenge when it comes to Baseball. That is why the Art of Hitting MP3 is the best way to create a focused mind before each and every game. This also works as the perfect method to get back up from your hitting slumps, whilst at the same time, maintaining your mental confidence at the highest peaks throughout the season.

Affirmations are very important and effective when it comes to personal development. Of course the right affirmations that resonate with you need to be used. That’s why this this audiobook has been created with the Baseball player in mind, so you can unleash the confidence that previously was unimagined.

This is all apart of the incredible Hitting Machine Academy which you can get free access through the Source Downloads link below. This is the ultimate service for baseball players who want to become the best hitter in their team or league, and really begin playing baseball at the next level. Professional level will certainly be just around the corner.

There are many things within this package. We have already referred to the Art of Hitting MP3, but in addition there’s the Hitting Advanced Pitching which teaches you how to create the final adjustments in your baseball pitches through specialized techniques that the professional pitches use. This will help you on your journey to the top, unleashing the greatest pitching potential.

There’s also the Hitting Streak Formula. This is the same guide that many of the professionals use to get ‘in the zone’ whilst playing baseball. Throughout this guide you’ll be learning how you can tie together many consecutive games through applying simply striking secrets that your opponents wish they had.

The best hitting approach is through understanding the principles of baseball in a simplified approach. Once you understand your own specific hitting style, you’ll be able to master your own approach and eventually become the greatest hitter in your team. This particular guide helps to create the best foundation so that nothing will act to distract you once you have found the best approach that suits your style.

If you’ve ever wondered how Formula 1 racers can drive at incredible speeds, yet make split second decisions with ease, well the Baseball Vision Training Guide is how you can learn this incredible skill. You’ll be literally learning how to slow down time, or in other words, processing time in a different manner. This guide features many simple eye exercises that will help train your eyes to recognize pitchers in a split second on a continuous basis.

The Bat SPeed Blue-Print is also included with your free access within the Hitting Machine Academy. This is another whole library itself, consisting of many hitting drills and training exercise videos designed to maximise your baseball strength and explosion. Your power will be driven stronger, whilst you achieve a massive amount of batting control even when the timing isn’t right.

The entire library truly teaches you how to train properly, employing the latest drills and strategies for the ultimate victories on the baseball field. The teachings here are extremely clear and simple for anyone to understand, yet go into great detail to take your playing abilities to the next level. All of the Hitting Machine Academy comes as free access providing you request a refund within 60 days.

We wish you all the best with your baseball victories! 🙂