The Quilt Artist’s Guide to Business PDF


Welcome to For Love or Money: The Quilt Artist’s Guide to Business PDF

The For Love or $$: The Quilt Artist’s Guide to Business PDF will give you the tools to profitably sell your newly created quilts without the need to be concerned about copyright infringements, finding customers, or sourcing the best prices.

You’ll get within the free downloadable PDF 178 pages of tips and time-tested advice on how to capitalize on one of your favorite passions.   All of this knowledge and information was created from over 22 years of my personal experience as a quilter and well known business woman.  Having been working in the business world, working across various industries, for very many years, I bring with me insights that aren’t just limited to quilting.  Actually, most of this advice within the For Love or Money PDF could be used in any industry.  You see, it’s true that sound business principles apply to all industries. When you are reading the book, if you will find yourself thinking, “I wish I was aware of this when I was working as a _______”, then you’ll certainly know that I’m telling you the truth.

You see, we are extremely proud of For Love or $$: The Quilt Artist’s Guide to Business free download PDF.  Because after you read this amazing book, you’ll be able to earn a long term, sustaining ncome from your quilting hobby.  In addition, you’ll also be able to supercharge your creativity, source customers, organise prices that will drive sales, straight away know if your design will sell, and manufacture a professional, heirloom-quality quilt.

Sounds wonderful, doesn’t it?

For Love or $$: The Quilt Artist’s Guide to Business free download PDF is your definitive guide to get your quilting business started today.

Which Of These Powerful Secrets Could You Use To Create Profitable Quilted Works of Art?

  • 12 ways to increase your creativity
  • Absolutely know if your parents, friends or charity have appreciation towards all of your tireless work without asking them a single question
  • Have your creative work space organized, once and for all!
  • Handy tips and tricks to avoid a lawsuit for copyright infringement
  • 18 techniques guaranteed to create your quilt professionally, and heirloom-quality
  • 8 techniques to maintain your passion for quilting alive
  • How you should correctly price your quilts
  • How to source a hot market
  • How to beat your competition and get the sale, every time!
  • Avoid the IRS audits

…And of course much much more. 🙂

When I was starting off, I wish I had the information contained within For Love or $$: The Quilt Artist’s Guide to Business free download PDF when I was destroying all my passions through chasing the elusive dollar. This ultimate guide would have saved me hours of annoying trial and error, thus meaning I can allocate more time quilting to my heart’s content.

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