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How to Play Ukulele Step by Step Lessons for Beginners like you! It’s all in the Ukulele Lessons free download link at the bottom!

How can beginners and non-musicians who sound bad on the ukulele and doesn’t even know anything about ukulele get really good in just a few months?

If your willing to grab your ukulele and play along with the 7 minute video lessons you’ll quickly be able to:

  1. Play the Songs You Love- Learn how to play all your favorite songs on the uke  (even while singing!) Play songs like you never played before. Plus using your very own uke!
  2. Jam Along With Other Musicians- Get good enough to play ukulele songs in the spotlight on stage or just kick back on a porch with musician friends. You are making friends as well as learning uke.
  3. Entertain Your Friends and Family-The people you know will be amazed and stoked by your progress (and so will you!) Get to play to your family Christmas songs and songs for any occasions. Isn’t it great that your parents or family sees you while you play your favorite instrument, not just any kind of instrument but a difficult one.
  4. Or Simply Play For Your Own Pleasure- From the comfort of your couch or perhaps just chilling on beach – you’re going to learn the easiest ukulele tricks for sounding good fast. Guaranteed! Summer vacations should be fun!

Why do so many people give up when trying to learn the uke, or any other instrument for that matter? And why do so few sound so good? A study in 1993 by Anders Ericsson lifts the lid…
The study revealed that if you want to get good at learning something then:

  1. A dutiful daily commitment to practice is not the magic ingredient
  2. Neither are long boring hours of endless practice
  3. And noodling around is not definitely not what will get sounding great

So what is the secret to getting great as quickly as possible? Simple: Deliberate Practice. My video lessons do this by…

Turning your uke-playing weakness into a strength by focusing on the things that will help you the most. They also help you enjoy yourself and avoid hours of ineffective practice that creates progress-slowing bad habits.

3 reasons why my video lessons are so darn effective:

  1. No more boring ineffective practice- How can anyone play better without even practicing? Ironic right? The same way kids do. You Play. All you’ve got to do is jam along with my video lessons and I can hand deliver you to a level that’ll make your friends go “WOW!” Just grab your uke, cue up the video and jam along. Just play! 
  2. Get awesome with quick lessons- Seriously – with just 7 minutes of play, three times a week, I’ll have you playing the songs you love in no time at all. The more you play along with my videos the faster you improve!
  3. Crazy good Uke Teacher- Mitch Chang is world famous for his uke playing and uke teaching ability. (He’s also a music major grad from the University of Hawaii!) With Mitch’s uke skills and my uke beginners play-along method, we will take you from being a newbie or struggling ukulele player to someone who can blow the roof off the house.

You’ll Also Get These Fantastic Bonuses, Too…
Four Digital Booklets, Including the Ukulele Tutorials:

  • How to learn hundreds of songs – by ear – and play them right away on your uke.
  • Then there’s the cool Hawaiian Vamps technique.
  • You’ll also learn the Instant chords method, the secret to instantly increasing your chord vocabulary! Also…
  • How to unlock the secret to decoding any strumming pattern by ear…in seconds!
  • Finally, we delve deeper into advanced strumming techniques with an in depth look at right hand muting, left hand muting and chromatic slides.

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