Understanding the Principles of Misdirection in Magic PDF

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Understanding Misdirection PDF!

This short ebook is for magicians designed for basic understanding key principles involved using misdirection within their magic.

It is more than just getting audience to look somewhere else. It involves establishing, controlling and directing their attention where you want it when you want to.

This book tackles the 4 basic principles of misdirection and will enable you to incorporate them into your existing and new routines. You will learn the principles of Misdirection and how to apply them on your performances.

This also features further reading sessions with an extensive list of resources to further your knowledge in the field of Magic.

Understanding Misdirection PDF features chapters on

  • What is Misdirection
  • The off-beat
  • The eyes
  • Putting it all together
  • And more!

But Wait there’s more!

Also available as Ebook & MP3 Audiobook Package!

Understanding Misdirection is also available as a combined package with an MP3 recording, so you can load it onto your favourite MP3 player and listen while on the move.