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Introducing: “The Digital Filmmaking Workshops Handbook PDF free download”

Film making involves much more than just buying a camera and a computer and the Digital Film making Handbook covers everything you need to know, whether ,Film Crew is considered a top film making book to learn the up to date with some of the changes that have taken place in the digital film making.

Whether you’d like to make a feature film, documentary, or short subject, we can give you the know-how to create a professional looking and sounding product, and show you the tools required to get that product out into the marketplace on your own terms.

Step-by-step information on

  1. Organizing yourself as a business
  2. How to generate funding
  3. Money-saving production and post-production techniques
  4. Marketing your film
  5. Self-distribution of your finished project

Written by successful independent filmmakers Bill Millios and Marc Vadeboncoeur, who deliver all of this must-have information to you in one unique, easy-to-read manual.

Unlike other film training products which teach the old school methods of trying to “break into” the Hollywood scene, The Digital Filmmaking Workshops Handbook teaches you how to write, produce, and direct a quality film using today’s affordable digital tools.

But it doesn’t end there!

Let’s face it. Most indie films never see the light of day, never mind the inside of a real theater. There are thousands of filmmakers out there, passionate about what they do, who will try to bring their vision to the screen.

And about 97% of them will never succeed.

You might feel like you’re one of them, but you don’t have to be! We’ve created a model for independent filmmakers that will allow you to join the 3% who do finally bring your vision to the screen.

Enjoy the success that eludes 97% of indie filmmakers

Unlike others who simply spout film making theory, Bill and Marc have actually DONE what they teach.

Learn the real-world techniques used by Bill and Marc to market and screen their films with little or no money.

Now you can use these same techniques to create opportunities for you not only to get your film seen, but also to make back your production budget and even make a profit!

If you’ve been asking yourself the following questions . . .

  1. How can I get a film done when I’ve barely got a budget to work with?
  2. Film making seems so complex – can I really do this?
  3. I don’t know a soul in the media. How on earth do I get word out about my film?
  4. I don’t want to take a bath on this. Is there any way I can actually make money on my film?

Then the Digital Film making Workshops Handbook PDF free download Is For YOU!

Don’t spin your wheels and waste precious time, energy, and money.

Avoid making the most common mistakes that 97% of all indie filmmakers make!

Learn exactly what you need to do in order to get your film seen by real people in real theaters.

Okay, I’m in! How much is this going to cost me?

Well, like we said, people just like you have paid $350 to attend our live workshops where we teach this exact material. (Frankly, we’ve been undercharging for the workshops and we’ll be raising the price significantly on future live events.)

This eBook contains the exact same content as the print version that attendees used. We’re confident we could sell this information for $197. But, since we’re delivering this digitally, we’ve significantly cut our costs, so not only can you receive it immediately and not have to pay extra for shipping and handling, we’re passing cost savings on to you. And for a limited time, it’s free. Yes, free!

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